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Sokobanja is located in the central part of southeastern Serbia, in the basin of the same name, at an altitude of about 400 m and is “fenced” on all sides by mountains – Rtnje in the north, Ozren in the south, Devica in the southeast, Slemena in the east and Bukovika in the west. From the highway E-75 is about 30 kilometers away, from Nis and Nis airport 60 kilometers, from Belgrade about 230 kilometers, and from Novi Sad about 320 kilometers. characteristics, which correspond to the characteristics of a medium-altitude climate, and in the peripheral mountainous parts of the territory, the mountainous climate type is represented. The main characteristics of this area are warm summers and cold, harsh winters. The area of ​​Sokobanja is characterized by climatic features that give it the characteristics of a climatic health resort, that is, an air spa, because there are no air pollutants in the vicinity of Sokobanja. Apart from this, Sokobanja is characterized by a rose of winds that forms above the basin, as well as the richness of the air with negative ions. Sokobanja has six thermal mineral springs that are used in the treatment of various diseases. In addition, these sources are good for prevention, so in recent years they are increasingly used for rest and recreation by tourists.

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Ukoliko ste ljubitelj planinarenja, hajkinga ili jednostavno prirode, evo jednog predloga, gde možete uživati u aktivnostima, čistom vazuhu i zaista neopisivim prirodnim lepotama. Istočna Srbija,

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U okviru prirodnih lepota Srbije i lokacija koje svakako treba obići, videti i posetiti, spadaju i Divčibare. Kada kažemo Divčibare, pre svega mislimo na pozato

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