New gondola on Zlatibor

Zlatibor – a beautiful mountain in southwestern Serbia, one of the most visited destinations in the country, is almost richer for the biggest attraction. A new gondola was recently put into operation, taking the title of the world’s largest from China’s Tianmen Shan Gondola. With its 9km length, and currently 55 cabins, it offers the possibility of a 25-minute drive from the center of Zlatibor, across meadows and pastures, Ribnica Lake to Tornik peak, which is located at 1496m above sea level. The current capacity is about 600 tourists per hour. When driving, there is a beautiful view, whichever way you turn.

The gondola starts operating every day at 08:30 and the ticket price for adults is 1000 RSD, while for children it is 500 RSD.

We visited Zlatibor in January 2021. and, among other things, tried the gondola ride. You can watch the entire report in the link below, while the information about the gondola and the video itself starts at 07:20.

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